Prevention Of Sciatica


In case you do not want to handle severe lower back pain or shooting pain in the legs, then preventing sciatica is an absolute must. While sciatica is a problem that could affect almost anyone and everyone, the good part is that it can be prevented. Here is how you could keep the problem at bay.

Maybe, one of the most vital things that you need to do to prevent sciatica is to maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight exerts an additional pressure on the lower back. This leads to quicker degeneration of joints and bones. Subsequently, you might fall prey to sciatica.

It’s important that you be careful while you drive to avoid sciatica. Many individuals push the car seat too back while driving. Nevertheless, this is one thing that needs to be avoided. Ideally, you should manage to press the pedals just by flexing your ankle and without having to move your legs.

Your back should be positioned comfortably. It should neither be too bent nor too straight. Also, make sure that your hips are at an angle of ninety degrees. This will make certain that you’re exerting minimum strain on the lower body.

Keeping physically active is another thing that can be of great help to stay away from sciatica. Though there’re many fitness routines that can help in this regard, it’s yoga that offers the greatest advantage. There are different yoga exercises that could ease out sciatic pain. These exercises ensure that no unnecessary pressure is being exerted on the sciatic nerve.

Watch the way you sit. Ideally, your knees and hips ought to be at an angle of ninety degrees. Make sure that your body weight falls on the sitting bones and not the tail bone. Also, some people have the habit of crossing legs when they sit. When you cross legs, the whole body weight falls on one hip. This means increased pressure on the sciatic nerve on one side, which results in sciatica. Hence, you must ensure that you cross alternate legs from time to time. Although, it is strongly recommended that you don’t cross legs at all to stay clear of sciatica.

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is another great way to avert sciatica. Go in for foods which are rich in Vitamin B1 like soyabean, Pinto beans, green leafy vegetables, pulses and the like. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you increase your fiber intake and cut down on the consumption of saturated fats.

As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’, then why suffer the nuisance of sciatica. Try the tricks mentioned above to cut back your susceptibility to this problem.

Various Common Reasons Behind Sciatica


Sciatica is a very uncomfortable condition. The immense pain in the back and the legs makes it so. Well, there’s nothing to worry as there are various remedies to it. However, for that you need to realize the factors behind the problem. Knowing the causes would be of great help in dealing with the problem.

One of the major causes of sciatica is the herniated disc. This disc is a soft gel like tissue that surrounds the spinal cord. This gel like substance begins to ooze out in some circumstances. This oozed out gel asserts pressure on the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatica.

Another well known cause of sciatica is lumbar stenosis. In this condition, the spinal canal narrows down. Because of this slender canal the spinal nerves get pressurized. These compressed nerves may be a portion of the sciatic nerve which results in sciatica.

A muscle of the buttocks known as the pirformis could be yet another symptom of sciatica. The condition that could cause sciatica is known as the pirformis syndrome. This muscle is accountable for the movement in the hip joint. Under some conditions, the pirformis gets tight and the sciatic nerve which is pretty close to this muscle gets affected too. Pirfomis applies pressure on the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatica.

Spondylolysthesis is another major cause of sciatica. This ailment is characterized by slipping of one vertebra over the adjacent vertebra. When a vertebra slips over the other vertebra, it causes compression of the sciatic nerve and eventually sciatica. When sciatica is caused as a result of spondylolysthesis, it results in sciatic leg pain. The sufferers have to manage shooting pain in the legs and thighs.

In a few situations, folks may suffer from sciatica as a result of physical trauma. Certain incidents can leave the body in a state of shock. This results in sudden irritation of the sciatic nerve and hence sciatica. Some people suffer from sciatica as a result of accidents, or injuries caused due to sports such as football, rugby and the like.

A rare but feasible cause of sciatica is spinal tumors. In basic words, spinal tumors are abnormal growths in the spinal region. They may or may not be cancerous. When a spinal tumor develops in the lumbar region, it ends up in compression of the sciatic nerve and at last sciatica.

These are just some of the feasible factors behind sciatica. However, the presence of any of the mentioned circumstances might not indicate the presence of sciatica. It is crucial that you go for a proper diagnosis of sciatica before you go for a particular treatment.

Home Cures For Sciatica


Is a doctor’s visit vital to fight sciatica? Well, not really! You can treat the problem right at the comfort of your own home too with the help of numerous home remedies. These home remedies are not just effective but absolutely safe too. This means that you don’t need to handle unwanted side effects. And what’s more? These home remedies are a completely cost effective method of dealing with the problem too. Here is how you could go about dealing with sciatica at home.

When treating sciatica at home, there’re numerous juices that might be of great help. Nevertheless, it is juices of potato and celery which are considered to be the most effective. Mix potato and celery juice in equal quantities and drink a minimum of 10 ounces of this juice per day for maximum benefit. Since celery juice does not have a very appeasing taste, you can also toy with drinking celery tea. An additional alternative you have to improve the taste of the juice is to add carrots and beetroots. This won’t just boost the flavor but also enhance the strength of the juice.

Another excellent home remedy for sciatica is using water. Water has relaxing properties that could be of great aid in treating sciatica. Simply soak yourself in hot water bath for few hours. This will ease the muscle tension and offer pain relief. Moreover, water also improves blood circulation, which helps reduce pain. It is suggested that you take a long hot bath or shower followed by a short cold shower. This will immediately boost the blood circulation and offer sciatic pain relief.

Making alterations in your diet may be of great help in treating sciatica. Include foods rich in vitamin B1 in your every day diet to fight sciatica logically. Some foods that are excellent sources of Vitamin B1 include Navy Beans, Nuts, Pinto Beans, Bananas, Spinach, Liver, Beef and the like. Additionally, try to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet.

Let’s look at a fascinating remedy. It’s the horseradish poultice. This poultice is applied externally to the affected area. It works by stimulating the sciatic nerve to subside the sciatic pain. To get maximum benefits, apply the poultice in the affected area and leave it for about an hour. Wipe it off thereafter.

Now, you know at least some home remedies for the sciatic pain relief. So, ahead of hurrying up to a doctor try these to get great benefits. If in case you don’t get comfort, seeing your doctor becomes significant.