Your Chiropractor Phoenix Should Offer These 5 Treatments


In this day and age of modern pain management, it is not enough to simply be a chiropractor Phoenix AZ and only perform spinal adjustments on patients. The Institute of Medicine this study last year showing that over 100 million of Americans, which is 30% of the population, suffers from pain.

Their recommendation was to incorporate more comprehensive methods of pain management to achieve better outcomes. Currently there are multiple avenues of pain management available with the numerous chiropractor in Phoenix doctors. Here are the top 5 treatment methods you should look for in your local chiropractor.

1. Spinal decompression therapy – this is a revolutionary treatment that is excellent at relieving back pain, neck pain, and arm or leg pain. It is FDA cleared and extremely safe while costing less than 5% of what spine surgery costs. Along with other methods of treatment available, satisfactory pain relief can be achieved in well over 85% of individuals.

2. Physical rehab – this is simply another term for physical therapy type exercises. Along with performing spinal manipulation, modern chiropractors are well-trained in these stretching and strengthening exercises. Patients were being treated that chiropractors office who is trained in physical rehab will essentially feel as if they’re doing physical therapy. This may include core strengthening exercises, lumbar stretching and strengthening, and receiving a home program for extra benefit.

3. Tens units – these small devices are about the size of an iPod and emit small electrical impulses. These electrical impulses go through an electrode wire and into a foam pad that sits on the skin where the patient is experiencing pain. A tens unit is a low-cost, low risk, very effective method of achieving pain relief. A TENS unit does not fix the pain problem, but can alter the way the brain perceives pain signals.

4. Massage and acupuncture Phoenix – both of these treatments have been shown to be extremely helpful  in numerous research studies for musculoskeletal pain conditions. This may include joint arthritis, low back or neck strains and sprains, or a patient suffering from failed back surgery. As with the other treatments on this list, both are very low risk and very high yield for pain relief. You would be well served to visit a chiropractor who has training or staff in both of these therapies.

5. Manipulation under anesthesia – this is a treatment that has been around for over 60 years. It is excellent when used as a last resort for painful conditions such as frozen shoulder. When a patient goes through substantial chiropractic treatment and is not quite getting the pain relief desired, it may be due to scar tissue or something in the joint that is preventing satisfactory range of motion. Typically it is now chiropractors who perform manipulation under anesthesia in conjunction with the medical doctor.

As you can see, the modern age chiropractor is able to perform much more than simply chiropractic manipulations. Do little research before deciding on your local chiropractor to make sure they are incorporating these modern effective treatments. Preferred Pain Center has the best chiropractor in Phoenix and all of these treatments are incorporated. Call (602) 507-6550 for your appointment today.

Methods of Effective Pain Management with Sciatica Pain


In the United States, at any one point in time approximately 1% of the population is dealing with pain from sciatica. This is the result of a herniated disc pushing on a nerve root, which in layman’s terms is known as a pinched nerve. Pain management doctors in Arizona see patients with sciatica all the time.

Sciatica pain is extremely unpleasant, and often feels like a searing or a burning pain down one of a person’s legs. What are the appropriate steps for pain management when dealing with sciatica and attempting to avoid surgery? The 1st step is not to panic. it is a very common situation and if you ask a lot of your friends they have either had the experience or know someone who has been dealing with it and have gone to a pain clinic Mesa AZ.

After you have successfully accomplished the 1st step of not panicking, the 2nd step is to make an appointment with a local Phoenix chiropractor or pain management doctor. A chiropractor Scottsdale utilizes spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, and physical rehab in order to achieve pain relief. Studies have shown that chiropractic treatment does very well for sciatica.

The problem though is that chiropractors cannot prescribe medication. This is why seeing your primary doctor or pain management doctor can help so that they can prescribe muscle relaxers and short term narcotics. Over-the-counter Tylenol and anti-inflammatory medication can help as well.

Along with these short-term medications, it is a terrible idea stay in bed while dealing with the pain. Studies have shown that being up and active is much better than laying in bed.

Included in this step of seeing a chiropractor and a medical doctor is to try some physical therapy and a tens unit. This can help tremendously with pain relief.

The next step in pain treatment from sciatica is an epidural injection. This may need to be accomplished sooner rather than later if the individual is suffering from sciatica so bad that physical therapy or chiropractic treatment is simply not possible due to the pain. An epidural injection bathes the nerve root with soothing steroid medication to decrease inflammation and pain. Often times these injections are given as a series, and as long as they’re giving more and more release the whole series should be accomplished. All the pain is taken care of with the 1st injection, the rest of the series can be put on hold.

The effectiveness of  epidural steroid injections is over 75%. It does not cure the problem, but it puts a proverbial Band-Aid on it while the body hopefully will disintegrate the small piece of disc that is pushing on the nerve root and leading to sciatica.

If surgery can be avoided, that would be best since studies have shown that the outcome from surgery at one year is the same whether or not an operation is undertaken. If a person develops muscle weakness from the pinched nerve or the pain is just simply not getting better after 6 to 8 weeks, then surgery becomes indicated. But over 90% of the time, it can be avoided with the above treatments.

Preferred Pain Center is a comprehensive pain management clinic in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Treatments provided at the center include medical and interventional pain management, chiropractor Phoenix treatment, spinal decompression therapy, physical therapy, and manipulation under anesthesia.

The patients get a free massage. Call 602-507-6550 to schedule today or it

Pain Management Steps To Avoid Discectomy Surgery With a Pinched Nerve


At any one point in time approximately 1% of the US population is dealing with sciatica from a pinched nerve and could definitely use pain management doctors in arizona. A pinched nerve refers to a lumbar disc herniation, and the sciatica pain that can result from it is a burning, searing pain that can be incapacitating to patients.

Surgery works usually very well to relieve the pain from a herniated disc, however, there are some risks associated with undergoing surgery and the best thing to do would be to avoid those altogether. How can surgery be avoided with a herniated disc at a pain clinic in arizona?

There are multiple steps involved with treatment that can relieve the pain from the herniated disc and allow patients the ability to walk better, work more, concentrate better, and basically just not have to deal with constant pain.

The 1st treatment that should be attempted is over-the-counter pain medications. These include Tylenol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These medications are low risk and may be helpful. Additional medications need a prescription and include such things as muscle relaxers, narcotics, and higher dose anti-inflammatories. These medications do have side effects, and should only be taken according to the doctor’s prescription and the manufacturers recommendations. The one other class of medications that has shown to be effective for neurogenic types of pain such as with the herniated disc include Neurontin and Lyrica, which are called neuromodulating agents.

Along with medications by mouth, undergoing Phoenix physical therapy can truly help to relieve pain from a pinched nerve. This includes lumbar stretching, strengthening, along with treatment from a chiropractor Phoenix can also be extremely beneficial. Treatments may also include electrical stimulation along with a tens unit, also ultrasound and heat along with ice.

There is a treatment known as spinal decompression therapy that involves intermittent traction over multiple sessions and is usually obtained at a chiropractic clinic. It has been shown in numerous research studies to be extremely effective for someone suffering from a pinched nerve and can help take away pain.

The next treatment that should be tried prior to undergoing surgery for a herniated disc is and epidural injection. These are performed by pain management mesa az doctors and should be done with fluoroscopic guidance, which is a form of real-time x-ray. Otherwise, studies have shown that over 30% of the time the doctor will miss with where the steroid injection material goes. These injections have been shown to be very effective for a herniated disc and act by bathing the nerve root that is being pinched with anti-inflammatory steroid medication. For quite a while this can knock out pain and allow patients to avoid surgery potentially.

Just to clarify, none of these treatments will fix the herniated disc problem. The idea is to give enough pain relief that the body will take care of disintegrating the piece of disc that is pushing on the nerve root.
Any one or a combination of these treatments has been shown to have a really good chance of helping the patient avoid a spinal lumbar discectomy surgery. The patient can avoid the small but real risks of undergoing surgery, these should be attempted. Research has shown that the outcome from a herniated disc is by and large equivalent whether or not the patient had surgery after one year.

If you are suffering from a herniated disc with sciatica and live in Arizona, preferred pain center is an Arizona pain clinic specializing in these types of treatment along with chiropractor Scottsdale doctors, and physical therapy doctors as well.
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