Home Cures For Sciatica


Is a doctor’s visit vital to fight sciatica? Well, not really! You can treat the problem right at the comfort of your own home too with the help of numerous home remedies. These home remedies are not just effective but absolutely safe too. This means that you don’t need to handle unwanted side effects. And what’s more? These home remedies are a completely cost effective method of dealing with the problem too. Here is how you could go about dealing with sciatica at home.

When treating sciatica at home, there’re numerous juices that might be of great help. Nevertheless, it is juices of potato and celery which are considered to be the most effective. Mix potato and celery juice in equal quantities and drink a minimum of 10 ounces of this juice per day for maximum benefit. Since celery juice does not have a very appeasing taste, you can also toy with drinking celery tea. An additional alternative you have to improve the taste of the juice is to add carrots and beetroots. This won’t just boost the flavor but also enhance the strength of the juice.

Another excellent home remedy for sciatica is using water. Water has relaxing properties that could be of great aid in treating sciatica. Simply soak yourself in hot water bath for few hours. This will ease the muscle tension and offer pain relief. Moreover, water also improves blood circulation, which helps reduce pain. It is suggested that you take a long hot bath or shower followed by a short cold shower. This will immediately boost the blood circulation and offer sciatic pain relief.

Making alterations in your diet may be of great help in treating sciatica. Include foods rich in vitamin B1 in your every day diet to fight sciatica logically. Some foods that are excellent sources of Vitamin B1 include Navy Beans, Nuts, Pinto Beans, Bananas, Spinach, Liver, Beef and the like. Additionally, try to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet.

Let’s look at a fascinating remedy. It’s the horseradish poultice. This poultice is applied externally to the affected area. It works by stimulating the sciatic nerve to subside the sciatic pain. To get maximum benefits, apply the poultice in the affected area and leave it for about an hour. Wipe it off thereafter.

Now, you know at least some home remedies for the sciatic pain relief. So, ahead of hurrying up to a doctor try these to get great benefits. If in case you don’t get comfort, seeing your doctor becomes significant.

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