Medicare Pain Management Doctors in Phoenix Arizona Area


If you have Medicare and need pain management treatment in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area, let Arizona Pain Specialists help you. As the best Phoenix pain management clinics, Arizona Pain has multiple locations around the valley serving Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Surprise, Goodyear and more. All of Medicare pain clinic Phoenixthe clinics accept Medicare and most of the Medicare replacement plans.

At Arizona Pain, the pain doctors are part of an Award-Winning and Board-Certified team that includes chiropractors and Medicare pain doctors. With all of the comprehensive options available for treatment, the team is able to provide medication management, interventional pain treatments, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy along with TENS units.

Treatment is individualized to each patient so that the best outcomes are achieved. Over 90% successful outcomes are maintained at each of the locations for patients. By combining alternative treatments along with conventional, patients are able to benefit from several available options. For instance, it may be that acupuncture along with  facet injections is the combination that is best.

Medicare patients are able to select their own providers and do not need referrals to obtain treatment. All of the clinics accept

For one number Valleywide scheduling, call 602-507-6550 today.

United Health Care Pain Management Clinics in Phoenix Arizona


If you have United Health Care and need the best pain management clinic or chiropractor United pain doctor Phoenixin the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area, let Arizona Pain Specialist help you. Arizona pain has multiple AZ pain clinics located throughout the valley, and all of them accept United Health Care as in network providers.

The providers offer comprehensive treatments which include such options as narcotic medication management, interventional pain treatments, acupuncture, spinal adjustments, physical rehabilitation, spinal decompression therapy, TENS units and more.

As an in network provider for United Health Care, patients will not have to use their out-of-network benefits and be stuck with a second deductible outside of the usual.

The success rate with the comprehensive pain management and chiropractic treatment options is over 90%.

The clinics serve Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria, United pain clinic PhoenixSurprise, Goodyear and more.

For those individuals with United Health Care, the best pain management doctors in Arizona can be reached at 602-507-6550 for scheduling. Call today.

Modern Technology in Pain Management – Radiofrequency Ablation


Back pain affects 90% of individuals at some point during life. It may be from spinal larthritis, or a degenerative disc problem. It also can occur from a ligamentous injury or a AZ pain centersmuscle strain due to a traumatic incident such as a car accident.

Thankfully, over 90% of back pain goes away within three months whether or not treatment is received. For an unfortunate few though, back pain will become chronic and be extremely bothersome potentially causing disability.

There are two well-known problems with pain management treatments in the 21st-century. The first is that treatments are not typically curative. what this means is that when treatment is performed in pain management, it is usually a proverbial Band-Aid, meaning that nothing is cured but pain is temporarily relieved.

The second problem with pain management treatments are they do not last long term. Most injections that are done in pain management today last anywhere from a few days to at most a few months. Often times, pain relief then wears off and more injections are then necessary. This is enough to be extremely useful and helps make life tolerable for patients, but it would be great if longer term relief was available.

For chronic back pain with arthritis in the spinal joints, radiofrequency ablationrepresents revolutionary modern pain management technology. Radiofrequency procedures are

AZ pain centers

Radiofrequency procedures may provide over a year of adequate pain relief.

increasingly being used in pain management in both the neck and all the way down the back, including the sacroiliac joints.

The treatment involves heating up the tip of a needle that is placed around the arthritic spinal joints, deadening the tiny nerve endings that supply sensation and hence pain.

Research has shown that radiofrequency ablation treatments with a Mesa pain clinic in the low back can create pain relief that can last 1 to 2 years. This is a dramatic improvement in most pain relief duration with modern techniques. It alleviates the second concern with pain management procedures that they don’t last long enough. Radiofrequency procedures however, do not fix the arthritis problem. They merely relieve pain substantially.

It is covered by most major medical insurances along with Medicare assuming that an pain clinics Phoenixinitial injection of pain medication around the arthritic joints shows significant temporary pain relief.

If you live in Arizona and have chronic back pain, let Arizona Pain Specialists help you. the clinics accept most major medical insurance along with Medicare and Medicaid including Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation. Self-pay patients are accepted as well. For one number scheduling call 602-507-6550 today.