Overview of Leg and Back Pain After Lumbar Spine Surgery


New back pain after lumbar spine surgery is very disappointing to a patient. Why does it occur? Dr. Greene with preferredpaincenter.com explains the main 3 reasons it occurs, and treatment options with Arizona pain management clinics. Failed back surgery syndrome is very difficult to treat, but it is slightly different when the initial outcome of surgery was really good and then deteriorates.

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New Study Shows Earlier Back Pain Treatment is Better


A study published recently in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that earlier back pain treatment produces better results. The researchers evaluated over 30 studies looking at 11,000 patients. These patients had either acute or chronic low back pain and received treatment for a year.

The study was definitely large enough to produce significant findings, and a lot of it confirmed what we already know from previous smaller studies.

We know that 90% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in time. It is an unbelievable epidemic type of number and thankfully, 90% of those individuals get better from their back pain within a few months. This is actually a number that is regardless of whether or not pain treatment is obtained.

What this study looked at was the reduction in pain scores with patients who received back pain treatment, the same types of treatment seen at Phoenix pain clinics. They looked at pain scores over the first six weeks and then after a few months and then at the one-year points. If the patient had acute low back pain and received treatment, the reduction in pain scores was over 50% within the first six weeks alone with treatment. This was extremely remarkable and continued to decrease throughout the year, although not as dramatically.

The same was seen with patients who started treatment after the first few months, but the results were not as dramatic, and showed that it is better to receive treatment earlier rather than later.

So this is not a complete revelation. It simply confirms smaller studies with a very large patient population. The fact is that if an individual sustains injuries such as a back sprain or strain or whiplash from a car accident or sporting injury, it is better to obtain treatment quickly. This may include chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy, or treatment with pain management doctors in Arizona.

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Degenerative Disc Disease and Low Back Pain – the Basics


Degenerative Disc Disease affects millions of Americans, and the low back pain can be disabling. Or it may not affect a person at all. Dr. Greene with PreferredPainCenter.com explains the condition, who it affects, and what can be done about it:

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