How Come I Have Sore Toes


Do you suffer from sore toes well, various arthritic conditions and several genetic and neuromuscular diseases, such as Down syndrome and Marfan syndrome, can cause muscle imbalances that can create bunions from displacement of the first metatarsal and big toe. Other possible causes of bunions are leg-length discrepancies, with the bunion present on the longer leg, and trauma occurring to the joint of the big toe. swelling of this area can cause a decrease in motion that is associated with discomfort in the joint between the big toe and the first metatarsal.

This could be an arthritic condition that affects the main joint of the big toe normally caused by worn out joints, which is common in most arthritis conditions. The heads of the three central metatarsal bones become lowered due to the deformity of the third and fourth toes, resulting in their exposure and callus formation. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is one of those nerve conditions that can show up in the toes and feet. Even though the pain may be felt in the toe, the problem may be caused by a nerve condition somewhere in the foot.

If your pain persists while walking barefoot or with a well fitting pair of shoes, you should look elsewhere for causes from your toe pain because it may not linked to your footwear, and If you keep experiencing pain in your toes and there is no obvious signs of injury or visible skin or toenail changes, the person should consult a doctor to identify the cause of pain.

If the person notices a thickening of the skin on the top surface of the toe, you could be developing a corn which could be causing the pain as the corn rubs against the shoe. This could also be the cause of Toe pain.

When a person with Cavus Foot stands, the heel and toes can be drawn inward and sometimes cause what is know as claw toe appearance. Corticosteroids can be useful for allergic or autoimmune causes of from a swollen leg, foot, ankle or toe. Hallux valgus and the associated varus posture of the first metatarsal bone cause various deformities of the other toes, such as varus, clawing and valgus formation.

A callus over a tuberosity of a phalanx of the great toe, or a painful end-corn on the crown of a protruding inter phalangeal joint of a lesser toe, along with consequence of chronic pressure in your shoe, can be a frequent complication even in feet with normal sensation.

Don’t forget ingrown toe nails are another painful condition caused by the nail growing into the surrounding skin, leading to inflammation and possible infection of the toe. This to can also cause numbness in toes.