Scottsdale Chiropractor Offers Spinal Decompression Therapy


Patients who have neck pain or back pain, or even leg or arm pain may receive excellent pain management with spinal decompression therapy. Chiropractor Scottsdale who provide spinal decompression treatment can often  help patients avoid an operation.

A Scottsdale chiropractor is a specialist in treating all types of low back pain along with neck pain nonsurgically. Some go and get further certification in spinal decompression therapy, which is a low risk, low cost, very helpful FDA cleared revolutionary new therapy.

The cost of the therapy is actually less than five percent the cost of  a back operation. The treatment has an individual lying on a therapy table that is well padded and uses  traction. The traction is not continuous, it is intermittent as the continuous type has been shown not to work very well. It  is designed to fool the muscles of the low back or neck not to spasm, and then an increased amount of  blood flow travels into the intervertebral disc spaces and spinal joints.

This permits vital oxygen and  nutrients to travel in that blood to come into the injured regions and promotes healing. Usually the flow of blood to these regions is exceptionally limited.  Scottsdale chiropractors who offer spinal decompression therapy often add with it back manipulations, PT/Rehab, and possibly along with pain management doctors in Arizona.

The results of this revolutionary treatment have exceeded over 85% really  good results, and usually about 20 sessions are needed for the best results. Most folks fall asleep during the treatment, and some will receive a TENS Unit along with heat and ice and electrical stimulation during the sessions. The full treatment costs anywhere between $1200 and $3000. Considering that spine surgery runs well over $35,000, it truly is a small price to pay.

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Facet Injections Can Provide Excellent Back Pain Relief


Facet injections give  pain relief that has resulted from facet joint inflammation or arthritis or injury. It is not fully understood how the pain comes about in the facet joint, but it is thought to result from several causes which could be arthritis, injury, degeneration.

The injection into the facet joint only gives  relief that is temporary, which could be from a day to upwards of a few months. Usually the injections are done along with PT  or potentially along with Gilbert chiropractor adjustments as well.

The injection introduces a long-acting steroid, along with a numbing medicine like Lidocaine into the painful joint. This is either placed into the capsule of the joint or potentially alongside the area – the injection may also serve a diagnostic purpose along with a therapeutic purpose.

The facet block inhibits signals going to the brain by numbing the nerves in the region. If the person benefits from a facet block they also may turn into a candidate for a radio-frequency thermal, which is a procedure that kills the nerve endings in the area and provides pain relief with pain management doctors in Arizona.

Those who benefit from facet injections are people suffering from back pain, leg pain, neck pain, or arm pain. This pain is coming from inflammation and typically response to the steroids. The injections are also recommended for those who attempted treatments including Tylenol, anti-inflammatories,  PT, or a back brace.

The facet blocks may be used to treat arthritis, herniated disc, sciatica, or spinal stenosis. Those who have an active infection or  bleeding problems should not have facet injections. Also those with diabetes or hypertension should use caution as injections into the facets may raise blood sugar levels for a brief time or slightly raise blood pressure.

These shots are administered  in an outpatient setting such as an AZ pain center by either anesthesiologists, radiologists,  or Arizona pain doctors utilizing a real time x-ray machine. Typically the individuals feel a pressure sensation but not too much pain as long as the numbing medicine is placed prior to putting in the longer injection needle.

Certain patients they may need a Valium or some other medication to help for the injection. Most folks are able to walk right after the injection  The person should notice pain relief within a few days  after the procedure and if only minimal pain relief is achieved then additional injections may be necessary. Over 75% of individuals get excellent relief from the  injection.

Patients who are on blood thinners should make sure to stop these when their AZ Pain Management physician tells them to.

Facet blocks are an great choice in pain management Phoenix to try prior to an invasive spinal surgery. They have less complications and  risks  than surgery.

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How Do I Avoid Surgery With Sciatica From A Pinched Nerve?


At times a low back disc herniation pushes on a nerve root leading to sciatica. The sciatic nerve is a compilation of several nerve roots including L4 and L5 and S1 nerve roots coming together.

When the sciatic nerve is being pinched from a disk herniation, this is called a pinched nerve (in layman’s terms) and in medical terms it is referred to as sciatica. Typically when the sciatic nerve is pinched the individuals will have pain based on which specific nerve root is being pinched. If you want to avoid surgery with sciatica, what are the therapeutic options available?

One of the primary options that helps a lot is going to see a Phoenix pain management clinic. Physical therapy along with potentially narcotics and a muscle relaxer typicall help a lot. Also it is prudent to start some anti-inflammatory medications and Tylenol. When these are being taken a medication like Zantac should be included to prevent a gastric ulcer.

Physical therapy may help substnatially along with chiropractors Scottsdale AZ treatment including spinal decompression treatment to unload the pinched disc. The various medications along with a back brace can help make life tolerable.

Opiates a lot of the time do not work great for the sciatica. If this is the problem then Lyrica or neurontin may help with the nerve pain.

Along with the medications,  interventional pain treatments may help a lot. This would include an epidural shot or series of injections which consists of steroids being injected under fluoroscopy around the area of the compressed nerve.

This will not fix the region of the pinched nerve, it will simply flood the area with soothing anti-inflammatory medication to help decrease pain.

Some folks are under the impression that it is a good idea to stay in bed when you have a disk herniation. This is actually a significantly bad idea as it can be worse for your lower back. Getting out of bed as much as tolerable and walking is much better for your overall recovery.

So, the combination of treatments which includes back bracing, physical therapy, chiropractors Mesa AZ treatment,  and spinal decompression along with medications have often times been able to permit patients to avoid surgery which may include epidural injections.

A lumbar discectomy procedure has some small risks associated with it, but it will be better to avoid those risks if possible. It is understood that one year after a disc surgery, the outcomes are equivalent to the individual if they avoided surgery.

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