The Best Brand Of Oregano Oil


Oreganol P73 is a proprietary brand of oil of oregano owned by North American Herb & Spice, a leading supplier of natural health supplements. It is an indication of the quality that every lot of this particular brand is tested to ensure the right phenol contents.

According to the manufacturer, this oil is superior to other oil of oregano products that are available. One of the reasons is that they added the process of emulsification to enable the essential oil to have a higher quality than the rest. They emulsify the regular essential oil with virgin olive oil to produce this particular oil formulation. This special oil is now three times more effective than regular oregano oil.

It is also effective because of the strict ratio between its carvacrol and thymol content. These two chemical substances are the most active antimicrobial agents of oreganol. Thymol is harmful to humans in large quantities therefore you only need a small amount of this substance.

It is optimal to have the thymol levels below 5%, and this is what it is with Oreganol P73. Many other brands tend to contain much higher levels of thymol. The other active substance in oregano oil is carvacrol, and is the most beneficial. Oreganol P73 has a carvacrol content of around 64%. According to the manufacturer, this is the best ratio for fighting harmful germs.

Aside from these two vital substances, this particular brand has 50 other beneficial substances that are useful in fighting diseases and improving one’s health. The basic essential oil used in manufacturing this brand is 100% real Mediterranean oregano, grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

For health maintenance, you can take 1 to 2 drops of this oil under your tongue. If you are not yet used to its taste, you can mix it with your juice drink or a glass of water. You can also use it to treat your skin diseases by applying or rubbing it onto the affected skin area. If you feel a burning sensation, dilute this oil with virgin olive oil and it will soften the effects on your skin.



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