What is the Best Back Pain Treatment in Mesa AZ?


Mesa, Arizona has a population of approximately half a million people. When you consider that 10% of the population deals with chronic back pain that means over 50,000 individuals in Mesa are suffering from back pain. What is the best treatment? A Mesa AZ chiropractor, pain management Mesa AZ, both??

Initial treatment for chronic back pain should consist of over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories along with Tylenol. What taken according to manufacturers recommendations, these can be extremely beneficial. If the patient is having more severe exacerbation of their pain, a short-term dosing of narcotics may be necessary but this is not best long-term.

Chiropractic Mesa AZ treatment can be extremely beneficial for both acute and chronic low back pain. The chiropractor in Mesa can perform spinal manipulations, spinal decompression therapy, electrical stimulation, along with adding in physical rehabilitation exercises.

In addition to these treatments, a TENS Unit may help a lot along with electrical stimulation or alternating ice and heat.

Massage and acupuncture have both been shown to help substantially in the relief of back pain. There is a lot of research backing up these treatment modalities.

Often times you’re local Mesa chiropractor will be certified in acupuncture and have the ability to do massage in the office as well. In conjunction with spinal decompression therapy, this may make all the difference. SpinalĀ  decompression therapy is a revolutionary technology that is FDA cleared and has been shown to be over 85% effective in the relief of back pain from various causes.

Along with these treatment options, a pain management doctor may be able to help as well. This may include treatment with medication management in unusual circumstances, or interventional treatments such as facet injections, medial branch blocks, radiofrequency ablation, epidural injections, or a spinal cord stimulator as a last resort.

If you live in Mesa Arizona and are suffering from chronic back pain, there are multiple options. Arizona pain specialists is a comprehensive Arizona pain management center that has all of these options discussed and more.

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